Songs that I have copyrighted:

You read the description of The Innkeeper on my index or web page. You may access the music by clicking here and going to the list of files. (In a single file or, because of the time to download with dialup service, divided into several files.)

"I'm In Love With Someone" (copyrighted) was written for a valentine party for Christian high schoolers and not performed at the time. Its first verse is intended to be sung by a girl, the second by a boy, and the third by both in unison. click here

"To Terri From Mike" (copyrighted) was written after the death of Terri Schiavo. One Saturday morning I awoke with the beginnings of words and melody playing on my mind. They would not go away so I sat down with pen for words and keyboard for music. By Sunday evening the song was complete. As this is written it has not, to my knowledge, been performed. Click here

"She Lied and Said": (copyrighted) My heart was breaking when I wrote these words and the tune sort of fell into place. I ran across them the other day and put the tune to paper. (Words were largely taken from an earlier copyrighted song "Part Time Husband.") When you examine wording you will recognize that verses 1,3,5,6 are intended to be sung by a male voice, verses 2,4 by a female voice. Click here

I'm not pretending to exact a royalty for performing any of these. But, please, let me know what use you make of any of them. If it proves of value to you, then I would be grateful for compensation.