From Love to Live and Live to Love, ISBN 978-1-59526-866-2
by Ken Wear, copyright 2002

The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful. I am surrounded by beauty. A sensual feast delights my eyes with myriad shapes and colors. I am immersed in a sea of sound coming from other lives and life forms and forces of nature as they produce the panorama that is spread before me. I feel the warmth of those around me and the delight of my own physical senses as my joints and muscles move in the symphony of my own life. Even ugliness is stained with beauty, but the ugliness cannot touch me because I look for the beauty. I am surrounded by beauty.

Love is everywhere; I am surrounded by love. I love myself. I love those who love me. I reach out in love to nature itself and to the lives that touch mine. I am loved in return. I do things to show my love for others. And I do things to show my love for myself.

My physical body is the house of my soul. It has all the parts I need for sustenance. I am happy with most things about my body. I know myself and my own limits. I encourage myself to adopt habits that help sustain a healthy body and a healthy mind. I am pleased when I do things that benefit my mind and my body. I am in control of myself.

I know I can cause my body to respond to the wishes created within my mind. I can select from all the offerings around me those things that will improve my body and my mind. I can choose good foods in moderation, healthful habits and wholesome activities. I am my own captain and set my own course. I know I can improve my mind and my body to make them serve me better. I am in control of myself.

I look for the good in everything. While I know there is ugliness all around me and I must deal with it, I look for the best side of things. I see ugliness as part of the world and know some of it is necessary to help me appreciate wholeness and beauty and love. And wholeness and beauty and love abound all around me. There is good in everything and I can find it and understand it and appreciate it.

My mind and my emotions and my spirit are healthy. My mind is clear, my heart is full, my soul is free and I am happy. Because I like myself and love myself I choose to be happy and healthy. My heart is filled with love, joy, light and laughter; I feel good. I am happy within.

I, my mind and my body are one. I am happy with myself.

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