DANCERS: Print & circulate to non-dancing friends.

Itís moving your feet (and body) to the beat of the music. Play some music with a pronounced smooth beat and keep time with it. (Or count -- waltz timing -- 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 2 beats per second to 3 in 2 seconds). Move your feet so your foot hits the floor as the beat is struck. Now imagine yourself with your partner moving across the floor. Itís magic. Itís fun. Itís healthful.

Dancing may be broken into forward, backward and side steps. If you can execute a forward step of from 6 to 15 inches, or a backward step of 3 to 12 inches, or a step (either to the right or to the left) of 3 to 9 inches, this in keeping with a fixed tempo, you can successfully do Ballroom Dancing. (We will also use diagonal steps, which are a combination of side steps with forward or backward steps. That is, as you step forward (or backward) you also increase the sidewise separation of your feet.)

Convince yourself with waltz timing: For each Step#, move your foot as indicated, shifting weight to the active foot with each step.
1. Left foot forward about 12 inches and take weight on it
2. Right foot diagonally (forward & to the right) so it is level with the Left but 6 to 9 inches away; take weight on the R foot
3. Left foot alongside, taking weight on the L foot
4. Right foot backward about 12 inches and take weight on R
5. Left foot diagonally (backward & to the left), level w/R but 6-9" away; take weight on L
6. Right foot alongside, taking weight on R
Your Left foot is now free to repeat the figure. Repeat it several times.

How easy it is! And so pleasant, so much fun (and healthful, too.)

Visit the Web page (Itís free: no charge, no gimmicks) for information and step-by-step instructions that will get you started.

Why not try it with a partner. Stand facing each other, shifted slightly left so his right foot can go between her feet, her right hand in his left, her left hand on the forward slope of his right shoulder, his right hand on her left shoulder blade. As he moves forward she will move backward. With an ever-so-slight tension to push each other apart she will feel his moves in her arms and move along with him.

Of course, the dance studio will welcome you with open arms. Or you may find, at the studio or with a little searching, dance instruction in group settings at considerably less cost.