Muslim Holy Book (Koran?, Quran?) Teachings Are Incompatible With Democracy

Entered July 4, 2008 by Ken Wear

Since Islam insists that religion must dictate the form and substance of government, can Christianity, or any other religion, co-exist peaceably with Islam (the Muslim religion)? Note especially the unflinching rigidity in Mr. Ahmed's #2 (below) and my concluding paragraph.

I had an e-mail exchange with a man whose job is to speak publicly in an effort to improve relations between Christians and Muslims. We had had an earlier exchange regarding a historically questionable statement in my web page (now corrected). I quote below the actual contents of those e-mails (deleting the duplications inherent in e-mail responses) in full since a summary is not nearly as persuasive as the actual exchange. In chronological order:

To Sabeel Ahmed from Ken Wear, 4-04-2007

Some months ago we had a brief exchange regarding my careless portrayal of history in presenting Islam at my web site. I corrected that to make it, I think, consistent with history. I had hoped we could continue exchanges in an effort at mutual understanding since I feel that fundamentalists in both the Christian and Muslim camps must alter their strategies in order to avoid a devastating conflict. As I understand, throughout pre-history and history religions have come and gone; in order to survive they must remain relevant; it is a matter of adapt or perish.

For whatever reason, you included me in your response to David Schroeder about "Jesus: Creator or Creation." And that has reminded me of our earlier exchanges and my hope for continuation.

From Ken Wear. Visit his web site at

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To: David Schroeder
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Cc: sabeel ahmed
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: Response to "Jesus: Creator or Creation"

Dear David and Friends,
Peace be upon all the believers of one God!
First of all, thanks for coming to my presentation on: Jesus: Creator or creation?. I enjoyed our interaction that day.
I am attaching my response to your article. I request if you can also print, in the Loyola University newspaper, my response along with yours. It will assist the reads in evaluating both viewpoints and deciding for the better, God willing.
Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to present my response to your article. Can you be kind enough to send the final contents before it goes to the press?
It will be my pleasure to continue such interactions with mine and your group in the future.
Thanks, and Regards.
Sabeel Ahmed, 1-877-WHY-ISLAM for a free copy of Quran Translation,

----- Original Message ---- From: David Schroeder
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 12:47:56 AM
Subject: Response to "Jesus: Creator or Creation"

[Content deleted as immaterial to the present exchange]

From Sabeel Ahmed to Ken Wear dated 4-5-2007
Dear Ken,

Nice to hear back from you. Apologies, I was not able to converse with you, got busy with work and speaking assignments.

Yes, I included you in my email list of 'Jesus: Creator or creation', because I thought it will be relevant to what we had discussed previously, and also, since I was comparing and contrasting Quranic and Biblical verses, I thought you would be interested.

Now regarding your view that religions should adapt or perish, I would say that you are partially correct. It is true for almost all faiths except Islam. Islam is not a man made religion which should keep on changing its rules and regulations each decade or century. Islam is the guidance provided by God to humanity. As such, God, our creator knows that His guidance will be relevant and beneficial for humanity, now and till the end of time. Thus, there is no need for Islam to adapt to the world, it is the other way around. It is the world which should adapt and accept Islam for its success or it will perish in its immorality, racial hatred, drugs, family break-down, guns and violence, suicides, rapes etc.

Islam provides solutions to the above mentioned perils of the society and likewise provides the most complete guidance, covering all aspects of a society and persons life, namely, Social, family, financial, educational, legal, political, spiritual etc. Thus, with its supreme guidance for the society, it is in the best interest of the society to ADAPT to Islam for its success. (Ken added emphasis)

Thank, Peace and Regards, Sabeel Ahmed

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To: sabeel ahmed
Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2007 6:59:00 PM
Subject: Re: Response to "Jesus: Creator or Creation"

[Balance deleted since it is the e-mail first above and inclusion would be a duplication.]

To Sabeel Ahmed from Ken Wear 4-07-2007

Thank you for your response. While I am grateful for your forthrightness, it was with great sadness that I read your message. When I compare records of the life of the Prophet and his teachings, as recorded in history, with your unflinching and uncompromising statement that no adaptation of Islam is possible, I see no possibility but a wrenching confrontation until either (1) all religions except Islam disappear from among men or (2) Islam disappears from among men. Whatever the future holds, I hope it can be accomplished by gentle persuasion rather than subversion or force.

I heartily endorse your mission to improve relations between faiths and question my conclusion that you support fundamentalists, such as bin Laden, who is, after all, simply continuing the Prophet's program to seek dominance [or submission, since one is tantamount to the other]. If moderate men cannot compromise, peaceful co-existence is not possible and the stage is set for a conflict that must of necessity result in utter destruction of one or the other. Perhaps for the good of humanity and Earth that should happen. But I prefer fostering understanding and cooperation between the various religious faiths; to my mind that requires good will and compromise by all.

Should you chance to visit my web site, you will find there a presentation of Rational Theism, an alternate understanding of deity and His role, which I feel must ultimately prevail in order to coalesce reason with religion. Islam, Christianity, Theism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, . . .? Is there truly only one path to the fulfillment we all seek? Must all be wrong except the one?

From Ken Wear. Visit his web site at

[Balance deleted since it would duplicate what appears above.]

Conclusion: Should you have any question about the consequence of the success of the Muslim religion dominating public policy, think "Taliban" and recall the wide publicity given to the 2007 case of a man who wished to convert from the Muslim religion: He was sentenced to death for his exercise of conscience. He was allowed to escape Afghanistan to avoid the penalty, but the severity imposed for this exercise of conscience should not escape your attention. Nor should the fact that the court, in imposing the sentence, was simply following the dictates of their state religion, Islam.

In the name of humanity and the future, pass this along.

I have prepared a constitutional amendment to address this problem. For the text of that proposal, click here.

Sharia law: I have made an effort to determine what distinguishes Sharia law from other forms of law. Sharia law is derived from the Koran (the recitations of the Prophet) and from the Sunna ("an example of how the Prophet lived his life"). The Prophet could neither read nor write so we are dependent in all cases on what others understood to be the Prophet's recitations of his encounter with the angel Gabriel in the cave north of Mecca as well as writings by other of the Prophet's contemporaries.
Recently in Afghanistan the legislature approved a law applying Shiite Sharia to the 15% of the population who are Shiite; 85% of the population is Sunni.
I still search for specifics but offer what I have learned:

  • Abandoning or speaking ill of Islam is apostasy and deserving of death.
  • There are various versions of Sharia as well as variations in its enforcement. Sunni and Shiite versions differ, leaving the constitutional question in Iraq uncertain since the constitution requires adherence to Sharia.
  • Sharia law deals especially with family life and its many constituent aspects.
  • A man may divorce his wife by repeating three times "talaq" although there should be a period of reflection between repetitions.
  • A woman may, in some versions of Sharia, end a marriage, but she cannot remarry for four months and ten days.
  • A man may have as many as four wives at one time.
  • Shiite: A traveller may marry temporarily for the duration of his stay away from home.
  • Punishment for adultery is stoning to death; proof requires either a confession or the accepted testimony of four male or eight female witnesses.
  • Punishment for sex by the unmarried is 100 lashes.
  • A woman is the equal of a man but her true place is in charge of the home.
  • A woman victim of rape cannot marry. In some Muslim societies this can lead to murder or forced suicide of the girl or woman.
  • Some versions of Sharia allow a man to beat his wife.
  • In matters such as marriage, divorce, sharing assets, dowries, inheritance, etc., four Muslim scholars can sit in judgment; this is in fact widely practiced in England.
  • Food preparation must be in accordance with the strict rules of halal.
  • Pig flesh is prohibited altogether; other livestock must be slaughtered by cutting the throat.
  • Alcohol and other intoxicants are prohibited.
  • Hygiene: Sharia describes how to take a bath, how to brush teeth, length of bodily hair.
  • Dress: a woman should dress modestly. A full burka is demanded by the Taliban; some require only a head scarf.
  • Death is the penalty recommended for murder but the victim's family may ask payment.
  • We recently learned of a boy whose hand was severed because he stole some food to eat.
    My search for specific requirements of Sharia continues.
    Whether or not derived from Sharia, the Muslim religion requires that the state conform to requirements of the faith; elected officials must comply with the dictates of [unelected] religious authorities. I have heard nothing of how religious authorities rise to prominence.

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