Projects of The Rational Link, Inc., a non-profit foundation
reflecting the public aspirations of Ken Wear, Founder.

I have been engaged in activities for public benefit, as reflected in these senses of direction of The Rational Link, Inc., a non-profit foundation incorporated in the State of Georgia. I solicit your help; together we can make a difference.

Web site,, includes a number of essays including information I think of public value. Editors of the various web indexes apparently agree since web searches on a number of topics place my offering near the top of search results. (For instance, 'abortion' + 'reason' or 'emotion' recently produced a list with my essay #3 of some quarter million.)

Ten Commandments: Some years ago I presented to Intertel a secular version of the Ten (first 4 religious and not included) and one member suggested making it generally available. I had it printed and offered the document to many hundred schools, without success, and later sought a sponsor who could shield school personnel from lawsuit arising from its display, also without success. In mid-2007 I realized the public interest in The Ten Commandments had nothing to do with moral instruction of school children, which is of vital concern, but was centered on political prohibition of display. I have available copies on simulated parchment and still have hope. (Low priority in 2009)

The book Love to Live and Live to Love attempts to remove sources of stress from committed relationships; it includes description of techniques of bodily massage, discussion of the physiology underlying heart attack and stroke, the role of specific foods, suggestions for several exercise regimens, and specific suggestions for heightening sexual delights. (6-08) The book is available from, from Amazon, and by special order from Barnes & Noble. Libraries will add the book at your request. I have a few copies $14+$1 tax+$5 P&H=$20 in the U.S. For your own benefit you should at the very least go to and print that information for your own use. (Ready for promotion)

The Innkeeper, a choral song, was included by the Smyrna Community Chorus in their 2006 fall concerts. (3-08) It is available at, and I seek a music publisher to make it available in stores. (6-08) My artist completed cover design. Contact me for availability. Discuss it with your choir director or minister. (Ready for use by choirs or choral ensembles)

Springboard books: (8-08 my current emphasis) The concept is to provide stories children will enjoy while offering suggestions (on the inside back cover) to a parent of topics the story opens for discussion. There are many topics needful; this seems a way to attract the child's interest and attention. Books should be hard back (for ease of reading and durability) with plenty of art. (Dec. '07: I have two texts nearly ready but without art:
1) Big Red, a story about a stray dog (3-4 year olds), and
2) Making Mud Pies, a story pointing out that boys and girls differ in attitudes, in interests, in dress, in energy, in who they emulate, . . . (2-3)
(8-08: looking ahead)
Losing Grandpa, partly composed, will help youngsters understand oldsters' mental decline.
Nature's families, essentially a collection of pictures of family groups showing stages of growth of their young -- of perennial interest from infancy throughout life -- of a variety of life forms: people, dogs (2 or 3 breeds), cats, chickens, birds (2 or 3), caterpillars, butterflies, chimpanzees, apes, horses, worms, viruses & bacteria, mosquitoes or other insects, rabbits & squirrels, . . .
Don't hit me will stress safety at road crossings (based on something foolish I did as a youngster), etc. (K & grades 1-2)
World's peoples will highlight diversity in ethnic groups, especially in physical appearances, in dress and in religions, for grades 3-4.
I must have at least three books on hand in order to justify participation in a trade show. Hopefully, revenue from Love to Live will help fund efforts at bringing these books to market, but I seek contributions toward costs.

Biodiesel: The United States must become independent of foreign oil sources because oil funds our antagonists. My essays discuss energy and biodiesel. I wrote Georgia's governor pointing out the economic benefit of hemp agriculture (encouraged by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture but condemned by the 'war on drugs.' Algae may be, because of the yield per acre, a more productive source for biofuels (as well as food for animals and humans), but profitable application will require a great deal of research. (Continuing to accumulate data)

The essay Mountain Meadows deals with development of an isolated community that can, hopefully, survive a civilization-ending catastrophe and thus ensure perpetuation of civilization. As a member of the Lifeboat Foundation I seek help in developing details and enlisting a sponsor to carry out development. (Trying to trigger efforts toward such a community)

There are other needs I would like to address, such as Drugs (educational programs to present to parents and another to students, through either schools or churches -- had a potential speaker, a reformed drug user, but he passed away due to bodily damage) and Sex (educational programs that can be presented through the church for youngsters -- different programs for several age groupings -- newly married, and adults supervising their young); these are closely related to Springboard books. I've made progress, but the totality of these aims is somewhat overwhelming. I do what I can. And I need your help.

While I have, throughout my life, avoided political involvement beyond that of an ordinary alert and concerned citizen, I hope you will join me in pursuing the consequences of this statement:

Someone must lead, else all will wander. For the sake of our children and their children, our nation must remain strong so we can continue to lead. There is no one else.
At the birth of our nation, no one could have foreseen that the combination of personal initiative and benign government would produce the strength and wealth that has made this country the model of prosperity and beacon of hope it has become. It could be better, but it could be worse. For the sake of history and the future, because this country is and must remain the embodiment of hope for mankind; we must remain strong and vital, committed to the individual yet a cohesive unity. If we allow our country to sink from its stature among nations, the hope for the future that we represent will be lost.

signed: Ken Wear, Founder